Bay Area county refuses to turn in illegal immigrant to ICE which could have prevented a murder


With all the sanctuary cities and safe havens for illegals, the rise of states not working with ICE has become cumbersome to this administrations policies. Over and over again we see why it is important for illegal immigrants who commit crimes to be handed over to ICE.


{Source} Daily Wire

“A Bay Area county wouldn’t give Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody over an illegal immigrant. This allowed the illegal immigrant to roam free and kill his girlfriend.

The illegal, Nery Israel Estrada-Margos, was first arrested and held in Sonoma County Jail on August 2 on charges of battery. ICE had issued a detainer request for Estrada-Margos, but the jail let him walk free the day after he posted his $30,000 bail.

On August 18, Estrada-Margos turned himself in to the Santa Rosa police for beating his girlfriend, identified as Veronica Cabrera Ramirez, to the point where he was afraid he had killed her. The police found her dead.”

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