Southern Methodist University relocation of 9/11 Memorial in its desire it avoid messages that are triggering, harmful, or harassing has been reversed


Southern Methodist University students have a 9/11 memorial displayed with almost 3,000 American flags to honor those who were lost.


{Source} The Daily Campus

After controversy erupted last week when SMU told Young Americans for Freedom that their annual 9/11 memorial would no longer take place on Dallas Hall lawn but in Morrison-McGinnis park, the university has agreed to return all displays to the traditional location on the lawn.

In a press release from SMU, officials and student leaders worked together to achieve a revised display policy.

Going forward, displays in the historical location on the north end of Dallas Hall lawn will last one day. Displays of up to three days, like many in the past (including Mustangs for Life’s anti-abortion display), will now be located at the south end of Dallas Hall lawn.

This way, the unused end of the lawn can be used for other purposes while displays are being held, the release says.

The university intends to revise a new display policy, this time consulting with student government and other campus leaders.


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