We can thank Bill Clinton, Carter and Obama for the threats we face with North Korea


Duped into giving NK 5 billion in aid and two new reactors.  Bill Clinton in effect helped fund North Koreas nuclear weapons program.  


In 1994, President Clinton received intel from security services that North Korea had built Nuclear Warheads and threatened to use them against Japan.  With this development, Carter went to Pyongyang to strike one of the worst deals in US history.  North Korea promised to stop all nuclear advances in return for 5 billion in aid and two new reactors.

Who seriously thought this was a good deal? Nothing Carter has ever done been up to par.  After this deal, Carter even went on to be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize.  We, in essence, gave the most unpredictable regime the funds and the means to employ a Nuclear weapons program better than they could have ever achieved on their own.

Fast forward to the Obama administration which was too preoccupied with giving money to Iran for their weapons deal. Remember when Obama said he would never let Iran go Nuclear and did anyway?  Remember when President Trump met with Obama, and he pretty much said good luck with North Korea?

All this information and we still have media blaming President Trump something he inherited from past administration who exercised extremely poor policy.


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