UK becomes worlds acid attack capital


A rise in acid attacks in the UK has become alarming. An open border policy to countries that do not assimilate into others cultures springs new violence and ways of committing them.


In London alone there have been 1,800 assaults since 2010. Acid attacks have increase by 74% from 261 in 2015 to 454 in 2016.

Reasons for using acid as a weapon for attacking individuals are a couple of reasons. If you pay cash, it’s hard to trace back where the chemicals came from and walking around with acid is not a crime.

{Source} NPR

“The global pattern is very many males attacking young women and girls, relating to rejected sexual advances or marriage proposals or dowry-related attacks,” he says.
But most of the attacks in the U.K. are random and are often connected to robberies or gang violence. Many of the perpetrators are in their teens.
The latest attack on Tuesday in London left a 47-year-old man with facial injuries. Two assailants on a moped threw an unknown liquid in his face.
Sometimes the motorbikes, often used in acid attacks, are stolen; delivery drivers have also been targeted and staged a protest outside Parliament last month.
“You hear of these motorbikes coming up to you, someone throwing acid and then trying to take your cars or your mobile phone,” says Abdul Shohid, who owns a hardware store in East London.


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